I cannot wait to be back at the garden again and feel the cold air of the ice and hear the faint scraping of skates on the ice, my second home for sure.


I hate hockey I say as I wake up at five am to watch a hockey game in my hockey jersey while blogging about hockey with hockey fans as hockey stick shaped tears stream down my face that has now become a hockey puck

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if i don’t insult you daily, it means i don’t like you 

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mom: what did you get me for mother’s day



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Clara Oswald in “Listen”

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my actual vocabulary in real life consists mostly of

  • omg
  • dude
  • (weird noises)
  • what the hell
  • i’m going to kill you
  • fuck you

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this is a chihuahua pug mix

*screams from mountain tops*

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm always visiting your blog! I love it! Thank you!!! I've been using the LOA and it really helped me! I changed a lot I feel blessed and hopeful for my future but today was difficult, I've been crying and feeling under the weather manly because I feel like I'm all alone, I feel like nobody really cares about me, I live with my family and they don't pay much attention to me and I want thing to change, how can the LOA help me? I tried to meditate and focus on the positive but didn't work.


You’re saying “it didn’t work”, but I’m almost certain you didn’t give it a real chance. If you are trying to adapt a positive attitude, but you need to see the results before you really believe, you would not have much success, because you are (maybe unknowingly) filled with resistance and doubt. You are offering vibrations that directly contradict what you are wanting, so what you are wanting cannot come to you.

Because you can’t stop giving your attention to what’s in front of you, which apparently is not what you want, you aren’t allowing anything that feels different to manifest. Until you stop feeling bad about your current situation, you can’t attract one that feels better. You can only attract things, people, places, ideas and feelings that offer the same vibration as you. No amount of whining or complaining can get you to a better feeling place, only your own willingness to change and to feel good while you are waiting for your wonderful changes to happen. Try focusing on the positive aspects of where you are now, instead of just the positive aspects of how you want things to be.



what the fuck is this

i scrolled down for an explanation and there was none

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how many puppies does that lady have in that bag